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RTC 9000, the most powerful and easy to use control system in the world, capable of controlling electric, hydraulic, pneumatic actuators for static and fatigue tests.

Applay controlled forces or displacements to whatever you need


Whatever it is a spring, a shock absorber, a coronary stent, a rubber, a bio material, a composite material, the RTC 9000 control system is the right choice for you. Applay controlled forces, displacements, strains, pressure to whatever you need.


The RTC9000 cyclic fatigue test control system is a latest generation device ideal for the control of cyclic durability tests on materials, components and structures. This system has been designed to ensure maximum reliability, precision and safety during fatigue tests, allowing you to obtain accurate results quickly and efficiently.


One of the main advantages of the RTC9000 system is its ease of use. Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface it will be possible to control all phases and methods of the tests, such as the regulation of the frequency of the loads, the choice of the type of load, the management of the various control settings and the continuous monitoring of the data collected.


The RTC 9004 control system is scalable, you can by the license to control one actuator, in the future you can buy the license to control additional actuators. Over time you can decide which actuators to buy according to your needs.


The RTC 9000 control system can command hydraulic, pneumatic, electric actuators. Thanks to this versatility, you will be able to expand your actuators over time, covering different needs in terms of force levels and maximum displacements, always using the same software. The learning time for using the system to its full potential is about half a day.


Easily monitor and log sensors for forces and displacements into text format files that can be opened directly from Excel, Open Office, Libre Office, Notepad.

The RTC9000 control system is particularly suitable for use in research and development laboratories, in manufacturing companies and in the aerospace and automotive industries. The RTC9000 system is a high-end, long-lasting investment, capable of guaranteeing the highest quality and accuracy for all fatigue tests.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an advanced and reliable control system for static and cyclic fatigue testing, the RTC-9000 control system is the perfect choice. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details and to request a quote. Go and watch our youtube channel to see what our control system does. We can organize demonstrations via web or live in our headquarters in Padua-ITALY.

Electric actuator

Perform your own material and product tests using electric actuators. Add to the RTC 9000 control system the recirculating ball servo cylinder with 2.2kW Wave driver. Apply forces or displacements as you like, statically or dynamically, apply sinusoidal forcing or with user-defined profiles. Easily record what happens during the test.

The Wave 2.2 kW driver requires a single-phase 220 Volt power supply available in any office or laboratory.

Upon request we can supply the contrast structure.