Ball Screw Linear Electric Cylinder for static and fatigue tests

Add potential to your RTC 9000 series controller, connect the Wave Driver to the RTC 9000 and you will be able to control the ball recirculation electric linear actuator with extreme ease, capable of exerting a cyclic force equal to +/- 6kN. The actuator can be controlled in force or displacement. You will be able to record force and displacement continuously or as a function of the cycles performed.

Driver Wave - technical specifications

  • Power supply voltage 220 Volt single-phase
  • Maximum power 2.2kW
  • For use with RTC 9000 control systems

Actuator - technical specifications

  • maximum static load +/- 8kN, few seconds
  • maximum permanent static load 6kN
  • maximum stroke 150mm
  • maximum speed 200mm/s
  • load cell +/- 10kN

Upon request, we are able to supply actuators with strokes and loads that meet customer specifications.

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